I Was a Sick Woman Who Could Have Doubled For A Billboard for Anorexia.

What health concerns finally made you see Labron and decide to get healthy by changing your lifestyle, taking supplements and fine-tuning diet? I was dropping muscle mass at an alarming rate. My already poor sleep was getting worse. I felt my worst nightmare was about to happen.   What impact has working with Labron had…

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[SATIRE] Scientists Have Found Cause of All Cancers.

Breaking News on a Tech Business Chart Art

  In a stunning new study released yesterday, Doctors have now found the single largest component to cancers of all kinds!   Berkley, CA—In the largest international study of its kind, spanning six thousand years and over 100 billion subjects from all gender and age categories, doctors and scientists have now definitively proven that a…

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“My Son Being Able To Have A Father Around Was The Most Important Thing To Me.”

Jacob . picture

  “I was overweight and always tired. I had joint pain and trouble breathing. I’m only 27, but had the energy and symptoms of someone in their 80’s. All these things made me decide I had to start working with Labron.” “Working with Labron, I feel better now than I did in high school. I’ve…

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Eating Fat is Good for You and Exercise Won’t Make You Skinny!

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  Let’s play a little game…just answer with the first word that pops into your head as you read these questions.   Rich people are ________?   When I’m sick I go see a ________?   Medicines are _______ because they’re approved by the FDA.   A person who isn’t a doctor and says they…

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Your Silver Bullet Has Arrived!


  Most people want the silver bullet.  Be honest…don’t you?  Wouldn’t you like to be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, however much you want and do whatever you would want to do, whenever you want to do it?  And when all that indiscriminate behavior catches up to you, wouldn’t you love…

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Pediatricians To Mommies: “Don’t Dare Call Breastfeeding Natural!”

crazy woman injecting young scared girl with a syringe on the neck

In an all out desperate attempt to brainwash mommies across the nation, the American Association of Pediatrics has finally shown its real feelings about moms, babies and the child rearing process itself. The problem, as described by the authors of this paper in the Pediatrics journal, is that mothers who think that breastfeeding is natural…

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Why would a nutritionist say Folic Acid causes heart disease, miscarriage, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes?

Folic Acid Concept

When you think of Folic Acid, you may think of your medical doctor recommending this vitamin during pregnancy to make sure your baby develops its brain and nervous system correctly and doesn’t have any neural tube defects(NTD). For many years it’s been commonly recommended for this purpose, to the point that some women get anxious…

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“I Was Taking Many Psychiatric Medications and Still Feeling Tired, Depressed and Not Enjoying Life.”

Martha Smith
Port Lavaca, Texas

  That’s what brought me to Labron. Working with Labron for just a few months has allowed me to feel so much better. I’m not even the same person. I like being alive again! I’d been working with psychiatrist’s and doctors for many years. I still felt so bad I couldn’t enjoy anything. But once…

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“The Thought That I Was Getting Older Was Very Frightening to Me.”

Rhonda Fox
Victoria, TX

Before working with Labron, I had constant pain in my hands that kept me from doing the things I enjoy. I thought I was eating healthy before and enjoyed exercise until Labron explained some of the foods I thought were healthy were actually not healthy for me. He told me that my body needed a…

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Caution: 5 Reasons Cleansing May be Dangerous to Your Health


  Functional Nutrition expert EXPOSES alternative medicine SCAM!   To summarize, it is imperative to know what condition your specific biochemistry is in, what eliminatory pathways need unique support and what is best for your biochemical and genetic makeup to benefit your health the most. Running out and purchasing expensive purification or cleanse systems without…

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