“The Thought That I Was Getting Older Was Very Frightening to Me.”

Before working with Labron, I had constant pain in my hands that kept me from doing the things I enjoy.

I thought I was eating healthy before and enjoyed exercise until Labron explained some of the foods I thought were healthy were actually not healthy for me. He told me that my body needed a rest from exercise and reduce the inflammation.

Once I started eating healthier, it wasn’t more than a few weeks before I started feeling better.

It’s well worth staying on a Total Health Restoration™ program because I feel much better and I’m able to enjoy life so much more.

Once I could return to my hobbies and enjoy them without pain, when I realized that I wasn’t in constant pain anymore, I knew that the quality of care far exceeded any investment involved.

Rhonda Fox, Victoria, Texas


Disclaimer: These experiences of ordinary people with common health problems are not necessarily representative of the results that you can achieve. You results may be better. You may also not follow recommendations and therefore, your results could be worse. In plain words, your results may vary.

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