“Auto-immune disease, extreme fatigue, weight gain and depression lead me to get help.”*

Crisi Fetters, Victoria, Texas

Crisi, Fetters, Victoria, Texas


“Working with Labron and creating a healthy lifestyle has helped me to begin living my life again.”

I have seen improvements in all areas of concern that I had.  I was able to start working again and have started the process of getting back on a workout routine.

“It would have been tough to improve in these areas without Labron’s help.”

Labron keeps me accountable for how I am treating my body (food, exercise, sleep) and he is able to help guide me to supplements that will aid my body’s healing process.

“Finding the cause to my health concerns gave me hope!”

And that hope allows me to continue every day with my journey to better health.

“Staying on a Total Health Restoration program is worth is because of the continued results I get.”

Plus, I reminds me how terrible I can feel when I eat the wrong foods.

With my particular health problems, which I feel were pretty bad, it took about 12 visits (3 months) before I realized how much the investment was worth it.  That when I started feeling better enough to eat healthier and follow the program closer.

“Labron and his staff truly want to see you feel better and succeed.”

Labron tells it like it is.  If you are doing your body harm, he lets you know and helps guide you to make the correct choice!

Crisi Fetters, Holistic Health Coach


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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