Eating Fat is Good for You and Exercise Won’t Make You Skinny!


Let’s play a little game…just answer with the first word that pops into your head as you read these questions.


Rich people are ________?


When I’m sick I go see a ________?


Medicines are _______ because they’re approved by the FDA.


A person who isn’t a doctor and says they can fix your health is usually a ______?


I think there’s a lot of insane people.  I’ve been guilty of acting insanely. Don’t nod your head in agreement too quickly, you might be one of them, too.

We all know the definition of insanity, but it seems as though when it’s time to apply it for ourselves it suddenly has lost its meaning.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is what has been called insanity.

I have to agree.

Every day I have frustrated, sick, overweight, unhappy people come into my office and want help. They want to get better.

You know what they ask for and what they’re expecting? You probably already guessed…a lecture about diet and exercise and here, take this pill. Hasn’t that been what they’ve been doing for years before seeing me?

What am I, some kind of genie with a wiggle to my nose and a magic potion?


It’s not your fault!

It’s not their fault, though. They live in a culture that’s programmed their mind (otherwise known as brainwashed) to think that only one way is right and anything else is wrong.

But you don’t believe me, right? You’re way to liberal and free thinking. Actually, the idea that you have free thought is brainwashing.

Remember those questions at the top of the post? Let me guess your answers. Your answers were evil or greedy, doctor, safe, and quack. Am I right?

And you still think you haven’t been brainwashed?

The problem is that you’ve allowed yourself to only consider one track of thinking and give no consideration to the other side. You’ve been controlled.

It’s true that health is about diet. It’s true that exercise can play a part as well. It’s also often necessary to take certain kinds of ‘pills’ in order to regain your health.

But it’s usually not, in fact almost never, that what’s popular is right.

For example, portion control, counting calories, low-fat and even gluten-free isn’t what makes a healthy diet. Exercise to lose weight or make up for your dietary indiscretions is completely a plan for disaster, disappointment and ultimately, more weight gain and ever spiraling downhill health.

Even the idea of slathering on sunscreen and protecting yourself from the horrifying effects of sunlight is guaranteed to ruin your health. Meanwhile, your prestigious medical doctor or authoritative news site says little if anything about the truly damaging effects of the blue light that’s emitted from your mobile device as you sit and read this now.

Oh, never heard of blue light? Find it difficult to believe that it’s effects could possibly be more damaging than the ‘apocalyptic’ rays of the sun?

You’ve been brainwashed!

They’re all Suffering from Brainwashing

When you go to medical or holistic doctors, they’re also suffering from the same brainwashing. Instead of allowing results to dictate their belief (let’s be honest, can you call the effects of what most doctors get ‘results’?) they follow a standard of care that’s designed to save their ass in litigation,

“Well, I followed the Standard of Care and the patient still died. It’s his fault!”

On the other side of the box you have the ‘holistics’ saying that all doctors are bad, never eat wheat and only eat kale and by the way, the planet is secretly controlled by reptilian creatures. (I’m not sure about this one, judging by the politicians running around.)

But what about RESULTS?!? No matter which side of the box, they all pretty much suck. Results dictate what is fact. Suppressing a symptom is not eliminating disease. Never eating bread and taking a supplement does not mean you’re now healthy.

Of course, there is a way that a human body needs to be fed. Everyone is different and how their body reacts to food is different. Which way to eat should be dictated by your body’s response to what you’re eating.

Have skin cancer rates been diminishing since everyone and their dog (I’m not kidding) slathers sunscreen all over their body? No! Instead Vitamin D levels in most adults and children is getting lower, serotonin levels decline as depression grows to epidemic proportions, infections are more rampant and now resistant to treatment, and bone health in women continues to worsen.

Perhaps saying “F**K it!” and developing a golden tan which is pretty universally regarded as “wow, you have such a healthy looking tan!” would be far more healthy.

In fact, it is.

You Haven’t Tried Everything

I heard a story one time of a frustrated business owner at a Tony Robbins event. He got up and asked Tony, “I’ve tried everything to make this business work, and I can’t seem to do it. What’s holding me back?”

Tony said, “OK, first tell me the last 20 things you’ve tried to make your business work.”

The business owner looked a little sheepish and responded, “Well, I guess I’ve really only tried two things”, and sat back down.

When you start getting discouraged and down on yourself and life, frustrated that you haven’t attained the weight you dream of or the health you deserve, don’t dare say, “I’ve tried everything!”

Because I know you haven’t gone through a personalized, one-on-one Total Health Restoration™ program with me. And I also know that if you did, you’d get the results, finally, that you’ve been craving.

You see, I think totally different than anyone you’ve ever tried to work with. I think most alternative medicine practitioners are ineffective and really lack a conceptual foundation that would make them ultimately a proficient healer. Most don’t even follow their own recommendations.

Every practitioner whether medical or alternative listens to someone else and often imbeds that into their psyche as gospel. No matter if it’s bogus ‘causes’ of common health problems such as too much acid in the stomach being the cause of GERD or medications are the only effective form of treatment to vegetarian diets and essential oils are going to cure everything on the planet or that saturated fat is bad for you or that the sun gives you skin cancer or that exercise will make you lose weight or that you get all of your nutrients from a typical American diet.  It’s all bogus and it’s all based upon what someone(s) has said, written or repeated.

It’s not based upon results.

Stop following people who are just following other people and start following what makes your own body respond in the way you want it to.

I invite you to work with me where results are typical. A Total Health Restoration™ program is simple; alarmingly so. But it isn’t easy. Just like learning to paint or play a musical instrument, learning to live a healthy life and reverse your health problems take a lot of effort and dedication.

But also like those artistic skills, you possess the power within you to build the most incredible, the most breath-taking, the most exquisite creation known to (wo)man,

A healthy, vibrant, emotionally satisfied, productive and happy—YOU!


©2016 Labron J Allen | All right reserved

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