Only action creates an effect. I want to help you effect change to your health and to do that you MUST take ACTION!

So few today really do anything about their problems. Be it personal, financial, spiritual, political or whatever problem a person faces, they do little more than complain about it.

I reward effort. I encourage my clients to take real, committed action. When you take that real committed action, 97% of the time you’ll achieve the results and success you’re looking for.

It’s for that 3% of the time that I offer you this guarantee:

If at the sixth visit reevaluation of a prepaid program, you have not made any changes in your symptoms or test results, I’ll refund 100% of your prepaid package, including your initial consultation.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:


  1. Turned in all of your COMPLETED Daily Record of Food Intakes (at least 6 of them).
  2. Give us all your food and grocery receipts for all the weeks up to the sixth visit.
  3. Return all of your supplement bottles (including opened ones, these will not be refunded).
  4. Present your completed Health Plan as explained in the Welcome Video that you received through email.
  5. Submit to a fasting glucose test. Your glucose must be at or below 90 to qualify.
  6. Have kept all of your appointments with no reschedules and at frequency recommended in your Report of Findings or by your clinician.
  7. Have taken your supplements at the doses and frequencies recommended as calculated by dose, bottle count and supplement purchases.
  8. This guarantee applies to the initial prepaid Total Health Restoration™ program and no other guarantees or refunds are implied or given.

Once you have completed these necessary steps, you’ll receive a refund within two weeks.

Let me ask you, how many health practitioners, of any kind, are confident enough to offer you a guarantee?

My Total Health Restoration™ program works. Period.

It’s up to you to make it happen.

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