“Getting cancer for the second time made me realize that it would probably lead to my death.”*

Karen McClung, San Antonio, Texas

Karen McClung, San Antonio, Texas















“It was at that point that I knew I needed someone who could truly help me get my body in condition to heal itself.”

I had a lot of issues I was dealing with. Working with Labron and his help in creating a healthy lifestyle has helped me to know longer me depressed and have a much healthier outlook on life.  I also have a ton more energy and I don’t struggle for every breath anymore.

“Immediately after being diagnosed in Houston, I started working with two alternative medicine professionals.”

Both of them helped me get started on this journey, but neither one was able to fine tune my diet and my supplements like Labron has.  He has an innate sense of the ‘connectedness’ of the body, mind and spirit and has an amazing ability to go right to the heart of the problem.

“I don’t know that I improved immediately, but there has been steady improvement all along the way.”

This is not ‘just’ a program; this is a way of life.  The price of ill health is way too high to treat it in any other way.

“Two days of testing at MD Anderson cost us $7000 out-of-pocket.”

That part was not covered by insurance. And that didn’t include any chemo, radiation or surgery.  And if you factor in the diminished quality of life during all of this, you begin to realize how much more you pay if you DON’T get on a Total Health Restoration program.

“Labron knows how to ‘listen’ to the body.”

Our body has a means to tell him exactly whats going on and what issue it’s ready to address.

Karen McClung, office manager, Richmond, Texas


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.