“I had Extremely Elevated Blood Pressure, and Pharmaceutical Drugs Were Not An Option!”*

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Laura Neill, Port Lavaca Texas

Laura Neill, Port Lavaca Texas






















“I had to take my health into my own hands, change my lifestyle, eat right and work with Labron because I wanted to resolve my blood pressure problem without drugs.”

Pharmaceuticals all have side effects that I want no part of.  Plus, all medical doctors do is put you on one drug and then another.  I didn’t want that.

“The impact of working closely with Labron and being on a Total Health Restoration program was remarkable.”

My blood pressure began to go down.  With no side effects at all…except that I feel better and have plenty of energy and I also look better and lost weight.  Now I’d call that good side effects!

“My heath started improving immediately when I stopped eating certain foods that was causing inflammation in my body.”

Like most people, I wouldn’t have changed my eating habits at all if I had chosen to go on pharmaceuticals.

“Being on 2 or 3 prescriptions that cause liver failure or something like that sure wouldn’t have made it possible to enjoy such fantastic benefits as I have working with Labron.”

All the work involved in staying on a Total Restoration Program is totally worth it.  I can change the pain that I receive from eating certain foods and I can heal faster with proper whole food nutrition.

“I began to see a big difference in my health with in two months, and that’s when I knew that the investment required in working with Labron was more than worth it!”

The personal service I receive from Labron and his staff can ot be beat.  he is there for me when I call or come to the office.  he answers questions and helps me pick better food choices.  Brandy makes sure I have exactly the right supplements I’ll need for the time between visits and also answers any questions every time I call.

Laura Neill, housewife


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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