“I Was A Stressed Out, Exhausted College Student Fad Dieting for The ‘Perfect Body!'”*

Paige Shay, Refugio, Texas

Paige Shay, Refugio, Texas
















“Food as a release just didn’t work anymore.”

I knew I needed to start working on my health in my senior year in High School.  But it wasn’t until freshmen in college with homesickness, stressed out from grades and searching for my life purpose that I knew something absolutely had to change.

“Working With Labron and Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Has been…Amazing!

A person can truly see how amazing the body is when Labron uses the Nutrition Response Testing method.  It’s like my body has it’s own complex system of determining exactly what I need.

“It Really Would Have Been Impossible Without Labron…”

In the past, I tended toward a high carbohydrate diet.  Through Labron’s skepticism towards that style of eating, I learned that that was not an ideal way to eat.  Now, eating as he suggests, I have more energy, sleep better (which I didn’t think was possible), and I’m even scoring higher on my school tests!

“Every time I go in for a checkup, my body improves!”

After a year of not having a cycle and experiencing the embarrassment of facial acne, I decided it was time to see Labron.  He immediately discovered that my problem and to do with hormonal balance and specifically, deficiency in my adrenals and ovaries.  Now, following his suggestions, each time I go in for a checkup, I steadily improve.  I’m looking forward to my continued progress.

“No one said being healthy was cheap or easy.  No one said being sick was easy or cheap either.”

I think I’ll choose the first option, please. In my opinion, a person’s health is priceless.  Health is almost like having a super power.  And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility.  The cost of sustaining a person’s health now is an irreplaceable investment.  Just think if you are healthy you are a millionaire!

“Great people, great atmosphere, and a great place to advance one’s health.”

Every time I come in for checkups, I am seen promptly.  And I enjoy listening to the water fall and pleasant music.

Paige Shay, student


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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