“I was always tired, anxious and lethargic…until I started to work with Labron!”*


Becky Polasek, Tynan, Texas














“I was always tired, anxious and lethargic…until I started to work with Labron one-on-one to change my lifestyle, take supplements and eat healthy!”

I do CrossFit and try to eat a clean diet.  Well, most of the time! 🙂  But, I though I needed to lose a few pounds and I had adult acne that was bothersome, not to mention I always felt tired, anxious and lethargic.  THAT’s what made me decide to work with Labron.  I told myself I could always go to a medical doctor if nothing changed…

“Working with Labron is quite a task, haha!”

Ok, I’ll tell you a secret…well, a public secret.  Labron loves food journals and well, I’m a little busy for that!  But, I realized that this was important to see what I actually put into my body.  After cleaning up my diet from Labron’s suggestions, taking supplements, I found that my energy level has come and my acne started to fade away.  My lethargy/brain fog is gone.  I’m up 7lbs in lean muscle mass and down 3 lbs in body fat.  Which was exactly my goal!

“All of my success would have been impossible without working closely with Labron.”

This is really an understatement. If I’d ‘forget’ the food records for him to review, I’d try and remember what I’d eaten and he’d gently remind me that I shouldn’t eat it.  I’d listen to myself  telling him what I’d eaten and then be able to pin those foods to the symptoms I’d experienced.  Good thing Labron has a sense of humor, or he’d have released as a patient at the very beginning!

“After Labron tested me, I immediately realized what made my body feel bad.”

Well, that sums it up.

“All the benefits I’ve received has made staying on a Total Restoration Program worth it!”

If you have ever tried to eat a food that you have eliminated due to the fact that your body can’t tolerate it, it’ll make you feel so bad that you’ll never want to eat it ever again.  No counting calories or weighing food, just eating whole fresh foods.

“The service Labron and his staff provide are well worth the effort to see him.”

I feel better than I ever have, even though I ‘thought’ I was healthy.

Becky Polasek, housewife, Crossfitter


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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