“I was having frequent severe headaches that no pain reliever would help. And I was always tired!”*

Debbie Sternadel, Refugio, Texas

Debbie Sternadel, Refugio, Texas















“I had given up sodas, and that didn’t help.  I had a choice to make – either go to Labron or to a medical doctor.”

I was not willing to start taking medications for the rest of my life!

“Working with Labron has made me feel like a different person.”

I have more energy, my headaches are rare and when I do have one, they’re not as intense as previously.

“I had already tried giving up sodas to help the headaches but that didn’t work.”

Labron is able to make suggestions regarding my food intake and supplements which has been the reason for me to improve my health.

“I noticed rapid improvement after learning that sugar was a major contributor of my health problems.”

Because of the accountability that Labron provides, it helps me to stay on track with my diet.

“I immediately realized that Labron’s quality of care was worth far more than any investment made.  His program works! And he and his staff are very encouraging.”

Debbie Sternadel, Activity Director


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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