You MUST be an ACTIVE client of The Natural Health Clinic™ to order products. To have continued access to our online store, you must abide by the following guidelines:

1. You may not order supplements for others who are not clients of The Natural Health Clinic™.

2. You may not give the URL of our products page to anyone.

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in the loss of your access to our products and your immediate dismissal as our client.

Create Client Membership Account

To begin ordering products online, please click the ‘Clients Click Here’ button below for the location you’re closest to and create an account.  Be sure to enter your full First and Last name. Additionally, use your email that we have on file at the clinic to register. If we cannot identify you as an active client, your account will be declined.

Once approved, you will enjoy online access to our store. The approval process takes 24-48 hours.

NOTE: Check your Junk & Spam folders for your email registration information. Our email will be from The Natural Health Clinic™ and the email address is store@wholefoodcure.com. Make sure you put this email in your preferences list or you may not receive your login credentials.

Select which location you are closest to:

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(Note: Certain supplements are not available online.  Please call our office to order these supplements if you cannot find them in the online store.)