My Cardiologist told me, “I’d just have to live with it!”*

Liz Schilhab, Victoria, Texas

Liz Schilhab, Victoria, Texas






















“That’s what finally made me decide to work with Labron.”

I was having constant heart palpitations. That same cardiologist told me I’d likely have them for the rest of my life.  I was also having very heavy periods and terrible cramping and back aches.  My doctor wanted to put me on the birth control pill, but I knew of all the awful side effects they caused.  I also had no energy to do my ‘Motherly Duties’.

“I have to say that working with Labron has been amazing!”

The heart palpitations are completely gone!  My periods are very light with no cramps or backaches.  I have plenty of energy and I’ve lost 20lbs!  I’ve kept this weight off for 4 years and YES, you can survive without sugar!

“Without Labron’s help, I firmly believe I’d still be having heart palpitations and not living my life to the fullest.”

He has taught me how to eat right and cut the sugar out completely.

Once I started to feel the difference and realize just how bad I actually had felt, I knew that it was more than worth it to stay on a Total Health Restoration program.”

Just by eating the way Labron taught me, the weight literally started just falling off.  I was exciting to see such fast results.

“My health and the way I feel is EVERYTHING, it is worth far more than any money I’ve spent!”

Plus, Labron and his staff are very caring and helpful.  It’s almost icing on the cake (sorry girls!) that the results are so amazing!

Liz Schilhab, secretary


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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