“My Mother Died of Colon Cancer at 53 y/o. I Knew Diet Was Key to These Problems.”*


From my life experiences, lifestyle changes became vital to me.

“Working with Labron not only makes you feel good, but helps you make clear decisions and sift through all the B.S. out there.”

Labron has helped me through specific diet changes to gain this type of control.

“Without Labron’s guidance, I would never have investigated what type of diet my body needed.”

Once I removed sugar from my diet, it made an immediate impact on my weight, incontinence, menopausal symptoms, leg pain and generally how I felt. My life improved greatly in a very short period of time.

“Staying on a Total Health Restoration™ program is worth it because when you become lax and ‘fall off the wagon’, you’ll know it!”

But it’s a true way to find out that the program does indeed work.

“The investment in the program is well worth it when you see others the same age with all kinds of health issue, i.e., high blood pressure, irritable and generally having a difficult time.”

I’m on no medication and feel absolutely great the majority of the time. How many can truly say that?

“Labron and his staff show their care for your health.”

In every visit and conversation you have, there’s no doubt in my mind that they have your health and success in mind. They are eager to share quality information that helps with any concern you might have.

Gail Brady, Inez, Texas, rancher



*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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