“My Thyroid Issues Made Me Decide It Was Time To Change Things.”*

Elizabeth Wenske, Shiner, Texas

Elizabeth Wenske, Shiner, Texas












I had thought of putting making changes in my lifestyle and eating habits off, but my thyroid and anxiety just wouldn’t let me.

“Working With Labron Has Made Me AND My Family Eat Far More Healthfully”

Without Labron, there’s no way I could have made such fantastic improvements.  He keeps me accountable and encourages me.

“My Health Improves Immediately Because…”

Not just my symptoms are addressed but also the cause of the health concern.  Labron targets both.

“It is totally worth it to stay on a Total Health Restoration program.”

I just have to say, you don’t only become healthier, but you feel good, lose weight and have a lot more energy!

“The quality of care I received is worth far more than the investment!”

Once I realized that the medical professionals just put ‘Band-Aids’ on the problem, the difference in how I felt on a Total Health Restoration program made the cost involved more than worth it.  By the way, medical professionals just cover things up and then charge the heck out of you.

“Labron and his staff are very helpful and do try to help you in any way.”

Elizabeth Wenske, Dental hygienist


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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