“My wife has cancer, and when I saw the results she had through working with Labron, I figured she wanted me to live as long as she did!”*

Guy McClung III, San Antonio, Texas

Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas


That’s what got me to first start working with Labron personally.

“The impact that working with Labron has had, not only on my life but OUR life, is hard to put into words.”

Especially words that accurately convey what this has meant to me and to us.  You feel better, period.  You feel more alive, more energetic, and like getting out of bed in the morning.

“Without someone who realizes that the whole body and soul are one entity, that each person is an ensouled body or an embodied soul, in other words, a whole person…”

Then you end up with a M.D.eity who is rich and who will get richer prescribing you harmful drugs that don’t even treat your symptoms let alone go to a cause of your pain and disease.  We were in our 60’s already when we started the Total Health Restoration program and we knew the folly of so-called ‘modern medicine’, the bu$sine$s of medicine.

“Improving your health immediately is often the best way to describe it.”

A food allergy or a negative reaction to food was an instant warning sign – and heeding the sign resulted in immediate relief.  This is not true of every health issue, but it does indicate that, especially with time, the right diet and the right supplements, just about anything can be dealt with successfully.

“When you feel better, think better, sleep better, remember better and are a nicer person – that’s when you realize the quality of care far exceeds any investment involved!”

Not to mention the eradication of pain and disease.

What do Labron and his staff do to provide the kind of service you’d tell others about?

Well, to begin with, we’ve already told a bunch of folks about this care – some have actually taken the steps and been helped immensely.  Several of them live far away.

Actually the best telling to others is simply the appearance of my wife and her story of 14 years ago being given 6 months live – and how she has pursued this course and here she is now alive and kicking and directing my every move. 🙂 Thanks be to God!

Guy McClung III, Invention Facilitator


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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