Even The Mayo Clinic, Many Thousands of Dollars and All Medical Options Could Not Cure My Seizures.*



What impact has working with Labron had on your life?

Completely changed. Nutritional ketosis plus the exact right supplements has allowed me to get off all my prescription medications, PLUS be seizure free.

Why would it have been impossible for you to enjoy these fantastic improvements without working closely with Labron?

Most of the methods he [Labron] employed are shunned by the medical community.  Labron will identify the interferences that contributed and caused my failing health. This allowed me to take action out of knowledge instead of ambiguity.

Why does learning the exact foods that make you feel good, lose weight and increase energy make staying on a Total Health Restoration™ program worth it?

Labron give the tools for overall better health and improved lifestyle. No one can cure or take responsibility for ones health but themselves.

When did you first realize that the quality of care you were receiving was worth far more than any investment involved?

When my seizures disappeared and my quality of life became vivacious and energetic. After years of suffering under the ‘care’ of the medical communities neurologists, physicians and specialists, I was finally free from prescription drugs and could start maximizing my potential.

What do Labron and his staff do to give you the kind of service that you want to tell others about?

Tawnee is amazing! She has incredible enthusiasm and always attentive. Labron is always concerned and wanting to listen. His attention to detail is unparalleled and extraordinary; at least when he has his coffee! 🙂


Noah Arnold, Cuero, Texas

Pianist and postal employee.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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