Once I Realized That I Needed More Help Than The Doctors Were Offering, I knew It Was Time To See Labron!”*

Krystal Perez, Victoria, Texas

Krystal Perez, Victoria, Texas













My major health concern was cystic acne and weight gain.  I had gained 20 pounds in three months in graduate school and hadn’t lost it.  I even gained more.  I was not satisfied with the suggestions from medical doctors.

“Working with Labron has made such an impact in my life…I feel empowered with the education he and his staff have given me.”

I feel so much more energetic and I’ve lost 17 pounds.  My body shape is changing, my skin is healing faster and I no longer experience cold like symptoms such as a sore throat or runny nose.  My anxiety is decreasing.  I feel proud of the dietary changes that I’ve made.

“Without Labron’s guidance and knowledge, none of these improvements would have been possible.”

Even the educational materials he offers provides you a step-by-step guide to your own body.  I found the symptom survey to be the best indicator of the type of treatment I was getting because I knew I was receiving total body healing, i.e., I knew Labron though of the body as a whole system where one imbalance causes a domino effect.

“I immediately felt less sluggish.”

I learned the effects of improper nutrition as i found out any processed foods immediately began to make me feel sick.

“Staying on a Total health Restoration program is worth it because you see results as soon as you implement the suggestions.”

Eating the exact right foods ensures that you’re no longer sluggish with a cloudy mind and as more time goes on you feel more alert and without that afternoon yawn.

“With the first visit, I realized the quality of care was worth far more than any investment I would make.”

Right from the start I saw how comprehensive, detailed and up front everything was and not to mention the Nutrition Response Testing was one of the coolest exams I had experienced.  I found it shocking that certain points of my body sensed a movement in my arm.  Very cool!

“Labron And his staff are very efficient, thorough and friendly.”

Labron especially offers you tools that get you thinking, he encourages you to take your own health into your hands with no nonsense facts that you simply can’t argue with and once you feel yourself changing and your body improving…there’s no going back!

Krystal Perez, speech language pathologist


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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