I hope you and everyone in your family are well as we navigate through these trouble times. In many counties that our patients are in, including the county in which I live, Fort Bend, there have been Stay-At-Home orders executed. I am emailing to let you know that we are deemed an ‘Essential Business’ during these times and REMAIN OPEN to serve you. 

During this situation with COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions to protect you and ourselves. We ask that if anyone is ahead of you in an appointment that you refrain from waiting in the reception area and instead, patiently wait in your vehicle. Tawnee will let you know when it is your time.

We also ask that no one other than the person who has an appointment be in the exam room with you including children. Concerning hygiene and disinfection, you will note that I am wearing exam gloves while conducting the appointment. The tables, counter surfaces, door knobs, etc. are disinfected after every appointment following CDC guidelines.

 If you need to pick up supplements, we ask that you call ahead so that Tawnee can have your order ready and a fast, easy exchange can be completed.  Many have asked what my recommendations are for immune support. I recommend two things: 

  • A mixture of 3% food grade H2O2, 15ppm Colloidal Silver, 1 Dropper Biomolecular Oxygen, 1 Dropper Iodine Forte in a diffusor. Diffuse throughout the day and make sure that you are delivering the mixture into your respiratory system.
  • Taking a combination of Core Olive Leaf and Para2. These have been found as the best support for immune function during this period. Ref: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6412187/

We have all of the things listed above available in the office. You can order by calling Tawnee @ 361-575-4683. In addition, we are also offering virtual appointment through the Zoom platform. This gives you the convenience of an appointment in the privacy(and safety) of your home while also limiting exposure as much as possible. You can make an appointment by calling Tawnee @ 361-575-4683. 

We have never seen such a response to a viral outbreak in America and many are very concerned, even fearful. I am confident that these precautions, recommendations and services provided will help us weather the times ahead safely.

We are here to help.  Stay Safe, Stay Smart, Stay Healthy,