Good Evening my friend and Happy New year.

As you read this, the final hours of 2018 are coming to a close. No doubt you’ve experienced ups and downs, wins and losses, happiness and sadness. A few of our patients have even suffered ultimate losses and I weep for them. They and their families remain in my heart, mind and prayers. But it’s my hope that your sadness and losses were not too deep and that you keep the happy times close to your heart and mind.

As I reflect upon the year I have to say that I am feeling a sense of awe. It’s so common for a business to send out a reflective end-of-year message that basically congratulates themselves on a job well done. But as I review this year, I just can’t ethically do that. This year has not been about myself, my staff or The Natural Health Clinic™. This year has been about you, my patient.

Let me explain.

This coming year will mark the 17th year of being in practice and I cannot recall a year that has been so full of incredible patient successes. I cannot recall a year that I’ve heard more words of appreciation, more heartfelt feelings expressed from certain ones that have quite literally felt their lives have been saved and in the words of one patient,

“I have myself back. I look in the mirror and say, ‘Oh, yeah, there you are!’”

This year has seen thousands of pounds lost, anxiety disorders evaporated, energy and sense of well-being returned, depression resolved, autoimmune diseases forced into remission, digestive disorders returned to normal, chronic, debilitating pain almost instantly disappear (no exaggeration) and even breast cancer reversed. Beautiful babies were born and mothers experienced “easy” pregnancies and births.

These things had very little to do with me.

They had everything to do with you. That’s why I am in awe.

You see, once you walk out of the doors of the clinic, every factor of your health falls squarely upon your shoulders. Every choice and decision you make. The level of resolve and commitment, the financial investment and the tenacity to not give up even when things seem hopeless. These things are all the work that you have accomplished and I am proud of you. I have seen and appreciate the effort that you have put into your health this year. I want you to know that you deserve every bit of vibrant vitality, health and robustness that you will continue to achieve by applying these same principles well on into the next year.

You were part of the 2,829 office visits that were completed. You may even be part of the 138 new patients that were seen. You certainly took part in taking the 16,602 supplements that were ingested to support vital organ and glandular function. 

You are truly awe inspiring!

What can you expect in 2019? I’m glad you asked.

I am very pleased to introduce our Associate Clinician-in-training, Anthony Brysch. Anthony brings with him an incredible passion for natural health care and the body’s ability to heal from seemingly impossible situations, in a large part through his own healing experience.

Anthony is highly responsible, carries a kindly and respectful air around him and is a man of faith. Anthony will begin practice in the first part of 2019.

But let me stop telling you about Anthony and let Anthony tell you about himself:

I was in the Air Force from 2005-2015.  I was stationed in Tampa, Florida and Anchorage, Alaska and completed two deployments in Afghanistan. Throughout those ten years I worked as a physical therapy technician, daily seeing patients and performing additional duties such as managing provider schedules, ordering supplies, responsible for our training programs, and the clinic patient advocate.  I have been a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant since 2011, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, and Master’s degree in Counseling.  My entire working career has been in serving people and the helping people professions is exactly where I want to be.  My future goals include being a Natural Health Practitioner and Nutrition Expert and leading the successful operation of one of several The Natural Health Clinic™ locations.  I am currently working towards completion of the 100 hour certification program in Applied Clinical Nutrition and continuing to pursue the required  training in Nutrition Response Testing and Morphogenic Field Technique along with gaining experience through an apprenticeship program with Labron Allen, N.D. 

I initially came to the Clinic seeking a diet prescription because I had always been motivated to improve my overall health but my level of knowledge was not producing the results that I wanted.  After one week of eliminating certain foods from my daily diet I was joyfully shocked with how much clearer my mind was.  That was just the beginning of my life changing experience.  I’d been through the medical model for treatment of anxiety and depression.  I went for the medications and counseling sessions but I continued to feel crippled by how negatively my body and mind was responding to my everyday life.  I was working as an intern counselor, working at a church, and working as a Physical Therapist Assistant with kids and my caffeine intake was starting to get me worried.  I enjoyed my active lifestyle but physically and mentally I knew I needed to make some changes.  When Tawnee told me about The Natural Health Clinic™ I immediately scheduled an appointment.   I was off the prescription medications within a couple months, no longer taking any over the counter medications for chronic allergies, and no more convenience store energy drinks (I had been drinking 3-4 energy drinks and several cups of coffee daily).  I experienced mental freedom for the first time. I control my thoughts, and that has been priceless.  I simply followed what Dr. Allen specifically advised when I had questions. The accuracy of what to do has been amazing.

I earnestly look forward to serving you in this new capacity and I promise that I will commit myself to helping you achieve your goals with all the dedication that I gave to the Air Force and as a Physical Therapy Technician.

From all of us at The Natural Health Clinic™, Labron, Anthony and Tawnee, we wish you a Happy New Year!