Sonic Workers Knew When They Saw My Car I Was the, “Diet Coke with Cranberry Lady!”*

Susan Davis, Corpus Christi, Texas

Susan Davis, Corpus Christi, Texas


















Susan Davis, a Certified Yoga Teacher at shares her experience:

I had spent years battling constant sinus infections to the point of developing allergies to a few antibiotics.  I had chronic insomnia and a nagging five to tens pounds that just seem to want to hang around.  I was basically a clean, healthy eater, even though I sipped on diet coke every morning.

I’m amazed at the difference working with Labron has made…

It’s been 2.5 years. My first and second years after working with Labron I was only sick ONCE each year.  AMAZING!!  If someone had told me that fine-tuning my diet only with a few supplements could make me well, I would have said it was an impossibility. I’ve had a setback this past six months after the death of my father with his stroke.  I was the sole person responsible for a multitude of decisions and responsibilities involved during and afterward.  I think I was far more stressed than I realized at the time.  We are working through this and Labron always has a suggestion when I present him with a problem or concern.

Without Labron this improvement would have been impossible because I has no idea that the things I was eating were harming me.

I had never been overweight and I live a very active lifestyle.  I basically ate as a vegetarian and in the yoga world I live in, that’s the norm.  I ate lots of carbs and focused on whole grains.  Sounds healthy, right? I battled constipation my entire life and in fact, had 13 inches of colon removed. As soon as I started eating the way Labron suggested, I started going to the restroom.  What the what???  Yes.  No more worries about high fiber stuff.  I was amazed.  I would never had changed my diet this way if it hadn’t been under the guidance of Labron.

My decades battle with sinus infections improved almost immediately.

I kept waiting to get sick, expecting the usual pattern to emerge, but month after month I stayed well.  Some people might call me a skeptic, but you cannot ignore the obvious.

Staying on a Total Health Improvement program is worth it because…

At the beginning I didn’t want Labron to see any of the crap on my food records!  After I started noticing less bloating and the amount of food I could eat with zero weight gain (actually those five pounds went away, too).  There are times I am tempted; My family wanted to kick me out and kept telling me to “eat a candy bar!”  Strangely, those rare instances when I did choose to eat something I shouldn’t, it never tastes as good as I remembered.

I realized that the quality of care was far more than any cost involved the day that Labron told me things about my life that were nowhere on the paperwork.

He told me that many people with my makeup had eating disorders in their past(uh, yep), had a mother with addiction (yep to that too), and some other things.  There was no way that he could have known those things except for the testing method he uses.  Even though I didn’t want to believe that my body could tell him such information, even asking to him to repeat some of the tests, I couldn’t argue the obvious!  Well, I may be a little stubborn.

Everybody in the office is genuinely interested.

It’s the personal attention that makes the difference.  When I tell my friends, they are usually concerned about the cost.  I just explain that the money is better spent for natural health care that is tailored to your body’s needs, rather than medical bills.  There has never been a time when I regretted my three hour round trip!

Susan Davis, Certified Yoga teacher


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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