“What made me finally decide to get healthy and see Labron? OK, here’s the LIST:”*

Candace Wittkohl, Port Lavaca, Texas

Candace Wittkohl, Port Lavaca, Texas
















“What made me finally decide to get healthy and see Labron? OK, here’s the LIST!”

I had severe digestive issues, scary and debilitating hormonal imbalances from ovary and cyst removal, tubal ligation, food, chemical sensitives, headaches, inner trembling, anxiety, panic attacks, foggy head and dizziness, lethargy.  Probability of gallbladder removal, horrid, painful pelvic inflammation and recurring yeast infections. I couldn’t lose weight and, oh yeah, I had frequent respiratory issues.

“Working with Labron and creating a healthy lifestyle has completely changed my life!”

Before I started as a patient at The Natural Health Clinic, I tried for a couple years to fix myself.  I had stopped eating gluten, sugary foods and chemical laden foods.  My symptoms improved, but were never resolved.  As a matter of fact, some things got worse!  So I felt disappointed and frustrated and went back to my ‘normal’ diet.

After my first appointment with Labron, I began to feel relief of my pelvic inflammation.  I had tested for brown sugar and quit immediately, cold turkey. That was the first step to recovery and 2 1/2 years later, my life has improved 100%.

Through testing I’ve learned what foods my body rejects, my digestive system is working beautifully, my hormones have never felt so balanced, my remaining ovary is functioning properly, inflammation is gone, yeast infections have not returned, respiratory issues have resolved and…I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds and 38 inches! I’m amazed. I feel as good or maybe even better than I did as a teenager.  By the way, I’m 37.

“I’m proof that it would have been impossible to enjoy these results without working with Labron.”

I tried and it didn’t work.  I needed the right kind of supplements after years of abusing my body.  I needed Nutrition Response Testing to show me exactly what my body wanted…or didn’t.

“My health improved almost overnight.”

The first day I took supplements, I went to bed and woke up invigorated and…early.  My body was happy.

“I realized with my first visit that the quality of care far exceed any investment involved.”

When I came to TNHC for the first visit, I was scheduled for a second MRI.  This was after many invasive doctor’s appointments and prescriptions.  With the first visit, Labron told be to stay away from sucrose.  I stopped eating it immediately and the inflammation was gone…expensive MRI cancelled…no more costly, time consuming doctor visits and endless tests.  I well know that I would have kept going and having tests done FOREVER and nobody would have guessed the real issue.

“Labron and his staff are very friendly, personable and professional.”

They know their stuff!  There’s no waiting around for an hour in the waiting room to get your appointment and I always leave feeling better because there’s no waiting for the test results to come in.  I know immediately that my issue was addressed and will be shortly resolved.

Candace Wittkohl, wife and mother


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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