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Many have one. Some like to play with it, thriving on the thrill it gives them. Others treat it like a dirty little secret sweeping it under the rug or not even acknowledging that it exists. Still others know they have it but have no ability in controlling it properly.

Yet, they have one. It's always there, hanging right in front of them.

What is it? It's that one thing that causes them to worry.

How much time do you spend dwelling on your past mistakes and regrets? How much time do you spend worrying about the future?  Do you  spend more time in the past or in the future than you do in the present? Do you allow your past mistakes, your anxiety about future problems that may never even occur, rob you of your present moments?

Worry, stress, overwhelm these are an epidemic that people are dying from, yet it's treated like an elephant in the room. Many try to escape from them using cookies, cakes, ice cream or alcohol and pharmaceuticals.

Meds are the number one go-to method of 'dealing' with the worry problem. The drugs only mask the problem by changing your body's ability to eliminate old neurotransmitters. These may help you feel better for a period of time; eventually, other drugs or higher doses will have to be used to maintain the same effect. Not to mention the broad range of side effects that plague those who choose to use pharmaceutical options.

Rarely are natural supplements or other more friendly choices mentioned. Still even rarer are food-like products being highlighted as a major contributing factor to increased feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and stress. Once you understand the physiology of stress and overwhelm, it becomes more controllable.  When you learn that weakened glands, inflammation of the small intestine, deficiency in certain amino acids, instability of blood glucose levels, incorrect ratio of internal lipids; all these things are links in the causal chain of anxiety, worry and even feelings of a lack of confidence. You can learn how to control all of these things.

Traumatic events in your life can trigger these feelings and continue on for years, long after the situation has settled. You might even have become so accustomed to feeling worry that you now think that that's just 'you' - you're a worrier (like that's a personality type or something!)

Or you could think that it's genetic. "My mother (or father, grandmother, etc.) was a worrier, I must have got it from her", is a common thing to hear.

  • Stress, anxiety and emotional distress can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle and joint pain
  • It is not genetic
  • It is not caused by an anti-depressant deficiency
  • It is not a personality type
  • It is a cause of low self confidence
  • It does strongly increase your chances of disease and even cause disease
  • You CAN fix the 'worry bug' and totally eliminate it!
  • It can make life full of unhappiness

Even if anxiety and worry didn't affect your health, it certainly destroys happiness. If life is about happiness, then it stands logical scrutiny that if you're a worrier, you have no real life. Don't allow this to be true for you.

What can you do to fix it? Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Find out how well you're handling stress.  There may be signs of stress affecting your body that you're unaware of. Take your Stress Quiz™ here. 
  2. Technology is wonderful and there are simple tools that you can use to train you on how to control your response to stress and retrain your brain not to constantly worry.
  3. Worry does have its place. Learn what that place is and once worry has fulfilled it's purpose STOP from continuing to mull over your thoughts.
  4. Learn what food-like products force your body into a state of anxiety and feelings of stress.
  5. Ensure that you're getting adequate amounts of neurotransmitter precursors in your diet or other sources. Each neurotransmitter requires certain precursors to be available before your brain can produce the chemicals.
  6. There are simple steps to take to destroy worry and negative, stressful thoughts at their core. These steps can be easily learned.

I'm hosting a free 30-minute LIVE webcast that puts all of these steps together in a simple connect-the-dots system. Learn more and claim your spot here.


Is stress affecting you? Evaluate yourself, click the button below. It's free!

Take Your Stress Quiz™


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