Pediatricians To Mommies: “Don’t Dare Call Breastfeeding Natural!”

In an all out desperate attempt to brainwash mommies across the nation, the American Association of Pediatrics has finally shown its real feelings about moms, babies and the child rearing process itself.

The problem, as described by the authors of this paper in the Pediatrics journal, is that mothers who think that breastfeeding is natural (and the best thing on the planet for their baby) are most likely to also decide NOT to vaccinate.

Horrors! For mothers to think that the food coming from their own body for an infant that was formed from their own body is natural…well, that’s just indescribably disgusting!

The authors go on to say that these mothers, “have reliance on and interest in complementary and alternative medicine, skepticism of institutional authority (although judging from this latest volume of literary vomit, I can’t imagine why) and interest in… (get ready for it…this shows how dumb these mommies are) …health knowledge, autonomy and healthy living practices.”

Continuing, they say, “If doing what is ‘natural’ is best in the case of breastfeeding, how can we expect mothers to ignore that powerful worldview when making choices about other health practices, like vaccination?”

 This article is an excellent example of two things.

First, it should be crystal clear that the health, bonding, physical development, intelligence and emotional development of children and mothers means nothing to the American Association of Pediatricians. Their personal agenda means everything, even if promoting their personal agenda greatly harms you and your precious baby. You can only assume that the mind-set of the elite pediatrics association in the United States will trickle down to the everyday pediatrician that you see now.

Second, this is a prime example of a technique that is used to program and engineer the population socially, the culture and your mind. Words are powerful because they cause thoughts and the thoughts are according to the word’s meaning. When you change the meaning of a word, you change the thinking of an individual and the nation. This technique is called Neuro-Linguistic Programing. If you care about your freedom of thought, you need to be aware of how this is used everyday by politicians, doctors, the media and corporations.

Our health freedoms are under attack! Take your health seriously or it will be taken from you.

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