“I Had Clinical Depression, Hot Flashes. I Felt Fat and Exhausted!”*



What impact has working with Labron and creating a healthy lifestyle had on your life?

Over the last eight months, I’ve nearly eliminated my depression and have lost the weight I’ve been hanging on to for years. The hot flashes, exhaustion and feeling unfocused resolved in just a few months.

Without Labron and his Total Health Restoration™ program, none of this would have been possible.

I was uneducated about the damage grains, sugar and carbohydrates were doing. I didn’t realize that they were inducing inflammation, even though I had been to medical doctors constantly over the years.

How did finding the cause of your health problems help you to feel better immediately?

Psychologically knowing that I had a step by step plan, support and accountability for improving my health did wonders for me. Then in 3-4 months, when I felt real, powerful changes, it reinforced my decision.

When did you first realize that the quality of care received was worth far more than any investment involved?

I was very skeptical about positive results following Labron’s program. He is nothing if not innovative and what he teaches is completely contrary to what you always hear from everyone; doctors, news, spouse, friends and family. My turning point was 4-5 months in when I had my cholesterol checked at my M.D.s and I had excellent levels even though I was consuming a ton of steak, bacon and fat.

What do Labron and his staff do to give you the kind of service that you want to tell others about?

Everyone remembers and calls you by name and give very detailed attention to any issues I am confronted with.

Marlene Urban, homemaker, Port Aransas, TX


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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