DOA: What’s Suddenly Killing 290 Americans Every Day?


There’s a deadly crisis that is sweeping America. Most are unaware of the staggering magnitude of this killer; still others scoff at the notion that this threat is a problem at all.  According to American Medical Association records, this sinister and covert murderer takes an American life every five minutes!

That means 12 lives every hour.

290 lives every day.

106,000 people suddenly gone…year after year.

No symptoms.

No warning signs.

No ‘Goodbyes’ to family.

And if you were born AFTER October 1945, you are at a severe and immediate risk.

This is the part that will chill you to the bone:

This heinous killer is operating with the full knowledge and approval of the United States Government.

To make matters worse, the Government has told you – loudly and repeatedly – that it’s safe to let this killer into your home.

As a consequence, most people have no idea that this is responsible for such a massive amount of carnage…

And yet, according to U.S. Government  statistics…yes, they’re even tracking this killer…it is the FOURTH leading cause of all deaths in the United States!

More deadly than diabetes…


Pulmonary Disease…


Automobile deaths…

And ‘scary’ black guns…yes, even homicides!

  • It’s not obesity
  • It’s not sugar or processed meats

Watch the video that YouTube threatened to censor! Countdown of America’s 7 Most Popular (and) Deadly ‘Health’ Products.

Did you put one of these in your mouth today?


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