“I Was a Sick Woman Who Could Have Doubled For A Billboard for Anorexia.”*


What health concerns finally made you see Labron and decide to get healthy by changing your lifestyle, taking supplements and fine-tuning diet?

I was dropping muscle mass at an alarming rate. My already poor sleep was getting worse. I felt my worst nightmare was about to happen.


What impact has working with Labron had on your life?

My health has improved tremendously. When I look in the mirror I don’t see the same sick woman who could have doubled for a billboard for anorexia. I’ve gained 8 pounds and now fit a small T-shirt. Labron found that my body had trouble digesting carbohydrates. This was the reason for muscle loss that I was experiencing. Through some intense dietary changes, as well as targeted supplementation that Labron recommended, my body has begun healing itself.

Another issue I was experiencing was chronic inflammation. The inflammation in my bladder was having me up and down all night. Sleep was sketchy at best.  As I’ve continued on the program, body improved.

Why does learning the exact right foods that make you feel good, increase energy, decrease inflammation and gain weight make staying on a Total Health Restoration program worth it?

For me it’s a matter of simply being alive and well for my children. I lost my father this past June. He was only 65. I don’t want my children to have to experience that type of loss.

When did you first start to realize that the quality of care was worth far more than any investment involved?

As I watched my body fill out, I realized that I was undeniably getting better for the first time in a decade. That I knew the reasons why made it that much sweeter. It is empowering. I can’t put a price tag on my health.

What do Labron and his staff do to give you the kind of service that you want to tell others about?

When I walk into The Natural Health Clinic™, I become a person and not just a number. They greet me by name, my smallest concerns are addressed. I am always encouraged to keep trying. Every change is a positive cause for celebration and every setback is figured out, so all I see is clear sailing ahead!

Louise E. Teasle, housewife


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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